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Scranton Welcomes You - Saturday, May 4th 2013

Scranton is pleased to welcome back a contingent of folks from the cast and crew of NBC's hit comedy The Office. As the show's final season comes to a close, we're inviting fans from near and far to come to Scranton and celebrate with us one final time.

Presented by the creators of The Office Convention in 2007 and The Office Fan Tours from 2008-2012, we are thrilled to host returning fans and first-time visitors alike.

For the past nine seasons, we've laughed along with the rest of the world as characters from The Office were fictionally documented as Scrantonians living in their own natural habitat. We've also fully enjoyed seeing random local shout-outs to our fair city on Thursday nights on NBC. We're grateful for the tiniest magnets on filing cabinets all the way to some of the show's most memorable events at area locations. Scranton is an unofficial character of its own, and we can't wait to once again show the cast, crew, and
especially the show's loving fans that "There ain't no party like a Scranton Party!"

Please stay tuned to this spot for all the latest information on The Office Wrap Party.

Saturday May 4 Itinerary

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The Office's Biggest Flan

The Office Wrap Party is presented by the same folks who welcomed fans to Scranton
for "The Office Convention" back in October 2007. . .